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 Rank Applications

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PostSubject: Rank Applications   Rank Applications Icon_minitimeSat Jun 29, 2013 10:49 pm

To Apply for a Rank, you must first have the following:-

  • 100m or above EoC wealth.
  • Recruited at least 5 people into the clan.
  • 15 or more posts on the forums.
  • Some skill in merchanting/flipping.
  • Reasonably mature.
  • Active within the community i.e. IRC/CC/FC/TS/Forums.

When applying for a rank please fill out this form below.

[list][*]What timezone are you in?

[*]Are you willing to be active in IRC?

[*]Are you willing to be active in Teamspeak?

[*]Are you willing to be active in the CC and FC?

[*]How old are you?

[*]Please post a screen shot of your wealth here:

[*]In a few paragraphs please tell us about yourself:

[*]How experience with merchanting/flipping would you say you are? (screenshots will improve your chances of being accepted)

[*]How many hours a day on average do you spend playing RuneScape?

[*]Why do you think you should be accepted?

[*]Which group would you like to be accepted into?

[*]Provide screenshots of you recruiting 5 or more people into the clan citadel:

[*]Extra notes:[/list]


Rank Applications Sigkug
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Rank Applications

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