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 Buying 1 banana rank =]

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Later Moron

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PostSubject: Buying 1 banana rank =]   Sun Oct 21, 2012 7:50 am

RuneScape Name:Later Moron
IRC Nick:Later Moron
Rank Buying: 1 banana for now, will upgrade with time to time
Tell us about yourself: I have been playing runescape for 5 years or so.
YouTube Channel:ahappycow1
How you found out about us: On youtube and bet vs you @ ddyce.
Why you would make a good host: I got lots of money, I have always been legit, I know everything about this business as I made and lost so much money from it :p I am nice to people and always helpful. I was never a rank but I was a host in open fcs and I have a lot of hours of legit hosting on my comp at home.
will give my skype msn and phone # or facebook to dare if needed.
My main language is english, and my timezone is PST
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Buying 1 banana rank =]

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